Ponte Rosso - Restaurant & Private Beach Club

"We brought our ship into a safe harbour without
a word, for some god guided us thither

(Odyssey, Ulysses and Circe – 140-141)

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The Restaurant


Located on the lakeshores, suspended over the water, the restaurant offers an extraordinary landscape that includes Mount Circeo and the wilderness of the National Park. Our food, however, starting from this amazing location, is capable of leading us away, wisely mixing aromas and new tastes.


Daily and direct is the relationship with our suppliers: local farmers, fishermen, winemakers are interpreters of the uniqueness and diversity of our food. The Tyrrhenian Sea and the Lake Paola provide us with fresh seafood, the fertile fields of the Pontine Plain offer its tasty vegetables and, finally, the local vineyards represent the highest expression of the territory. The final drop is our chef, however, that with his experience of international cuisine is able to stimulate the palate enhancing these raw materials in traditional ethnic and elegant solutions.

The Restaurant Ponte Rosso is a perfect location for corporate events, weddings or a private party.


Azienda Vallicola del Lago di Paola soc. ag. a r.l., sede legale e amministrativa in Via Casali di Paola 6, Sabaudia (LT) 04016
Tel: 0773/709233 - Fax: 0773/596387 - Email: info@ponterosso.org
Iscritta al n. 234, Elenco Provinciale Agriturismi di Latina, Reg. Gen. n. 713 del 27/05/2013. C.F e P.I. 02627290592.
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